SUMMER SALSA WEEKENDER 2018  :  Instructor Profiles
Sue first got into the Salsa groove about 20 years ago and went on to teach with Andre & Charifi at Manchester's
Copacabana Nightclub. Sue is a qualified UKA Salsa Dance Instructor who runs her own classes in the Warrington &
Wigan areas where she hosts regular Salsa Party Nights and delivers workshops for students, organisations and
schools. Sue has visited Cuba on numerous occassions to develop her knowledge of Salsa, Son & Rumba.
Farah Portela is the Director of Tumbao, which is the premier school for Cuban Salsa in Scotland. Farah, who was
born in Havana, Cuba is a Rueda De Casino Master and was the first person to teach Cuban Salsa and La Rueda in
have a great time whilst learning to dance. His classes focus mainly on style and natural body movement, with
teaching influences that include Cuban & New York Salsa. Rohan regularly hosts Salsa Nights, Weekenders and
Congresses as well as finding the time to run his " One stop Salsa Shop Salsa Fever " and organising Salsa Dance
holidays.  A great time is guaranteed when Rohan is around..
DJ Javier La Rosa a winner of the Most Popular Cuban DJ award is one of the most exciting latin DJ's on the scene
today. Javier came from Havana, Cuba and has been DJing since his arrival in 2004, playing Salsa and Timba
Cubana, Reggaeton, Latin Hip Hop and R n B to suit any occasion.
Peter is a qualified UKA dance instructor based in Tyne & Wear who has visited Cuba on numerous occassions to
continue his professional development. Peter is a lover of the Cuban dance style with a particular passion for La
Rueda. He places emphasis on the basics, confidence building and ensures most importantly, that his students have
fun. He says its fun when it works and even funnier when it doesnt.
Ze Braga was born in Brazil and at an early age he began to study Brazilian Folklore Dances and Capoiera and has
performed with some of the most prestigeous Brazilian Dance Companies. Ze is a talented dancer and acrobat, his
unique style is characterised with amazing jumps and quick pasitos. Ze was the first artiste to bring Brazilian Style to
Cuban Salsa realizing Brasil Cubano style .
ILaria was born in Italy and now lives in Brazil and following her passion for Cuban Salsa studied at the Conjuncto
Folklorico Nacional De Cuba. ILaria is a Dance Teacher of Ballet, Cuban Salsa and Ladies Styling. She has talent
and energy and her unique style is characterised by her elegance and fantastic choreographies.
Oscle trained at the Escuela Nacional de Tropicana in Cuba and spent 4 years as a solo artiste for the Ballet De
Tropicana in Havana and went on to tour Europe. Oscle starred in the hit Soy De Cuba as lead dancer and has
gained great popular and critical acclaim across Europe. Oscle is weell regarded and his talents have taken him
around the world.
Lisandra trained at the Academia Nacional Del Ballet Espanol De Cuba and spent four years touring Europe with
Havana Rakatan and been the lead dancer at Cuba's Cabaret Tropicana and Cabaret Parisienne. Lisandra has
performed at many of Cuba' and Europes leading Festivals and is a much sought after dancer whose talents have
taken her around the world.
Alain comes from a strong Afro Cuban religeon and dance background and leaned to dance at Casa de la Cultura in
Habana and is equally at home teaching Salsa, Rumba, Mambo, Danzon, Cha Cha Cha, Mozambique, Pilon and
all those elegant dances they used to do in the salons.
Alain was voted Salsa Teacher of the year in 2012 and and is a regular Teacher, Performer and DJ at many
Festivals and Congresses.
Mac n Nia KIZOMBA POWER have Trained in Lisbon with the best of the best in the world from Angola and
Cape Verde and with a combined experience of 15 years in dancing, teaching and spreading the African moves of
Kizomba and Semba.

Kizomba Power intends to bring back to Kizomba the sensual tradition of this African dance that is taking Europe
and the World to its feet.
Pele & Ana, Dancer & DJ and his dance partner Ana, were born in Barcelona and currently teach bachata and salsa
at Bailongu dance school, also being the directors of Touch Barcelona (Ataca y La Alemana coed company).
Gerardo De Armas Sarria, was born in Cuba and is fully accomplished in Rumba music and is a renowned rumba
master and ex Yoruba Andabo singer now based in the UK
Theo Awadzi won the 2012 British Open Salsa Champion and also crowned 2011 IDO Kizomba Champion. Since
childhood he has shown a massive passion for music and dancing. To Theo, Dancing is about the passion and
showcasing his DJ skills and it is a great pleasure to have him back with us once again.
Yuliet Estrada Linares was born and raised in Havana, where the dance has been a big part of her life since she was a
child. She developed herself further as a dancer through her dance education from Conjunto Folclorico de la
Universidad de La Habana.Yuliet’s focus is on rhythm, technique and the joy of dancing and specializing in teaching
Salsa, Reggaeton, Son, Rumba and Afro Cuban.
Alessandro Basta is a Cuban Salsa, Hip Hop and Reggaeton Teacher and specializes in Afrocuban dances - Salsa,
Rumba, Afro Yoruba, Son Cubano and Reggaeton - at the Metangala Academy.
Sonny Varela took part on the GB Kizomba competition UK and was crowned the UK KIZOMBA CHAMPIONS
2015 and was crowned 3rd World Kizomba Champions AFRICADANCAR 2015 in Portugal both with her dance
Sonny grew up dancing Passada, Funana, Kuduro, Mazurka, Coupe Decale and Ndombolo. She danced Samba with
Taste of Brazil, African traditional and modern dance (Azonto & Afrobeat) with Yemaya Libota.
Ulises Carrillo is one of the brightest and most talented Cuban stars on the UK Salsa Scene.
Ulises was a fantastic success at previous Summer Salsa Weekenders and its great that we have him back with us
once again.
Ulises is equally at home teaching Salsa, Rumba and La Rueda.
Rossella Margutti entered the world of cuban salsa and afrorumba years ago studying with the best cuban masters in
Italy. Rossella has danced in a number of international latin congresses with Alessandro and together they direct the
Mayimbe dance academy.
Leandro Charanga was immediately crowned the Reggaeton King on his arrival in the UK and is one of the most
charismatic performers around today. Leandro's style is unique and wildly entertaining. His fusion of raw energy
from the back streets of Havana and classical ballet education could only happen in Cuba. His dance is edgy and
athletic and at the same time full of grace and fun. Leandro has taught and performed in all of the Cuban dance
forms ; Salsa, Son, Cha Cha, Rumba, Afro and of course Reggaeton. Leandro's warmth and enthusiasm for dance
fills any room.
From Sicily, Jessica arrived in the UK Summer of 2012 and began dancing at Leandro Charanga's Cambridge classes
in Autumn 2012.
Jessica supports, teaches and performs alongside Leandro all over the UK & Europe but is also a teacher in her own